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Find out more about United Way’s COVID-19 response work by checking out the latest news and impact updates.

A Message From Our CEO

Building on the legacy and leadership of our fundraising, we’re proud that the trust that we have cultivated with our donors has bolstered a shared appreciation of the other tools we use to create impact in our communities: research, advocacy, investing, and convening. At all times, but particularly in times of crisis, these tools work in concert to achieve the change we want to see.

Our role as a convener brought together the COVID-19 Community Response Table, made  up of public health authorities, municipalities, frontline social service agencies, corporate partners, elected officials from all levels of government, and many others to support at-risk groups through the effects of COVID-19 on our region. Our work at the Table has constructed an evolving profile of how the pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable people in our communities, supported by real-time data and stories of lived experiences. United Way East Ontario continues to evaluate how the most vulnerable are coping, and how well we’ve been supporting our communities through the pandemic. We’re committed to being here for those who need us, knowing that challenges will persist for many months to come.

A Snapshot of Our Impact

Our COVID-19 response work is focused around addressing the following: basic needs, help for seniors, capacity for community services, mental health support, and support for volunteers. Thanks to our donors and community partners, we’re making a difference in people’s lives everyday. Below are some highlights:

Basic needs

Seniors in rural Ottawa were not eating, afraid to leave their homes. We helped change that.

United Way partnered with Rural Ottawa South Support Services to provide meal delivery for seniors—giving them the basic needs to survive, but also a chance for a chat with another person, something that’s been rare since COVID-19. Linda and John left voicemails to express their gratitude.

Help for seniors

An innovative local partnership is providing meals and phone calls for lonely seniors.

A partnership between United Way and The Good Companions seniors’ centre is helping isolated seniors by training volunteers to conduct one-on-one telephone wellness checks and enhance telephone-based services that help maintain vital social connections.

Capacity for community services

United Way and Ruckify partner to bring tech to social service workers

Marisa Moher of Youturn Youth Support Services, a community-based organization serving at-risk youth, shares how a technology partnership with Ruckify and United Way is helping young people stay connected.

Mental health support

Community Update: Mental health and addictions during COVID-19.

Without their traditional models of support, people who live with addictions and mental health challenges face a greater risk of harm. Michael Allen provides an update on how organizations are banding together to address the mental health challenges associated with the pandemic.

Support for volunteers

Local groups are coordinating volunteers to support people most in need.

Volunteers are critical to helping United Way’s frontline partners deliver food and medications, do telephone checks, and more. Our partners, Volunteer Ottawa and the Champlain Community Support Network, announced enhanced platforms to recruit and deploy volunteers in response to COVID-19 related needs.

There’s so many more great stories, with new updates added weekly.

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Thank You

We are continuing our work of evaluating the needs in our communities, and collaborating with local organizations to address those challenges effectively. It’s certain that we will still need support to do more to respond to the evolving needs by securing additional corporate partnerships, enabling volunteers, and calling on those who can continue to donate to support this work over the long-term. 

As the situation changes, United Way will work with our partners to adapt and provide regular updates to our supporters. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

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